Workshop Presentations
Economics of Local Food Markets

The workshop brought together researchers, extension educators, private sector participants, and policy makers to present current research, exchange ideas and develop a common set of priority research and education needs for local food systems. Invited and selected presentations will form the framework for discussion. The synthesis of ideas that result from this workshop, along with publication of presented work, will be disseminated in a variety of relevant outlets to encourage collaboration on local foods research and extension. This effort is intended to guide future investigations and outreach. 

See the following for a list and links to the presentations and posters given at this workshop:


1.     Intensity and Impact of Direct Marketing Strategies on Cash Farm Income: Evidence from a National Survey  
2. CSA Market Power: Implications of Geographic Isolation and Ulterior Producer Motivations
3.     The Multi-farm Community Supported Agriculture Model: Assessing the Economic Impact of Combined Storage, Distribution, and Marketing of Local Food Products for Small- and Mid-sized Farms
Examining the Profitability of Community Supported Fisheries Programs
Marketing Maryland Grown Food to Local Schools, Colleges and Universities: Farm and Policy Implications
The Use of Information Technology to Alter Search Costs in Local Food Systems
Consumers’ Valuation for Generic Food Miles Labeling Programs: Implications for Local Foods
State Branded Programs and Consumer Preference for Locally Grown Produce  


1.     Consumer Value for Organic versus Locally Grown

2.     Preferences for Local, Organic, and State Marketing Program Promoted Foods: A Choice Experiment of Mid-Atlantic Consumers

3.     Consumer Purchasing Behavior, Knowledge of, and Attitudes towards Locally-Grown Produce in the Mid-Atlantic Region

4.     Exploring the Potential of Consumer Coop as an Innovative Local Food Distribution Method: The Case of the Northeast

5.   Buying Power in the Local Food System: Exploring Psychological Variables Influencing Consumer Motivations



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