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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How does the NAREA online submission process work?

Answer: Selected paper abstracts and symposium proposals for the 2012 NAREA Annual Meeting and Ecosystem Services Workshop are submitted via the NAREA web page.Submission involves four steps: (A) creating an account with this site by entering your email and a password; (B) waiting to receive an email from the site to verify your email address; (C) entering presenter, author(s), and title information; and (D) uploading your abstract. If you are submitting multiple abstracts, you can skip steps (A) and (B) after verifying your email and account information with the first abstract submission. You will create an account by entering your email and a password with a minimum of 6 characters. This account set up will enable you to check the accuracy of your submission and status of your abstract.

2) What information is required for online submission of selected papers for the annual meeting or post-meeting workshop?

Answer: The submission of individual abstracts for selected papers for either the annual meeting or post-meeting workshop requires author information (i.e. full name, institution/organization, and email), paper title, research category (annual meeting only), and an extended abstract of no more than 500 words for the annual meeting and up to 1500 words for workshop submissions.

3) What information is required for online submission of annual meeting symposia?

Answer: The submission of symposium proposals involves two steps: (A) The symposium coordinator initiates a session proposal by submitting the session description and justification & basic information about the 3-4 papers included in the session (authors, presenter, paper title). The justification should provide the strengths of the combined papers and explain the addition the symposium will make to the conference. Prior to submitting the justification, the coordinator will be asked to enter the names and email addresses of the individuals whose papers will make up the session. An automated invitation email will be sent to the individuals providing information on how they can submit their paper abstract to the symposium. (B) After receiving the automated invitation email (see step (A)), individual authors participating in symposium sessions will submit their paper directly via a link provided in the invitation email. Individual paper submissions do not need to include any introductory material describing the symposium or a description of how the paper fits into the symposium. Individual authors can include the symposium title as part of their abstract.         more>>>