Frequently Asked Questions

1)      What types of submissions are accepted for the NAREA sponsored sessions?

Answer: Selected papers, symposiums, and workshop papers.  Extended abstracts are required for all submissions.  Details can be found in the call for papers.

2)      What is the acceptance rate for abstracts?

It depends on the number of abstracts submitted.  In 2010-2012 we accepted 64% of submitted abstracts for presentation at the conference.  In 2013, we will have one more concurrent session room to accommodate the growing attendance at NAREA.

3)      My paper addresses [insert topic here].  Is it suitable for the conference?

NAREA conferences include a wide range of papers addressing economic and social issues related to the production, marketing and consumption of agricultural products; natural resource use; the environment; rural economic development; and the interrelation of the agricultural and rural sectors with the rest of the economy.  Submissions in these or closely related topic areas are welcome.  We encourage authors to review the types of papers included in the Agricultural and Resource Economics Review - the organization's journal - as an indication of the type of work that is of interest to our members.

4)      Can graduate students present at the conference?

Yes!  We welcome presentations from graduate students, and encourage students to work closely with faculty as co-authors or mentors to enhance the quality of their presented papers.

5)      What is the review process for NAREA submitted papers and symposia?

Answer: Submitted abstracts are reviewed by the six member Selected Papers and Symposia Committee.  Final decisions are made by the Chair of the Committee, who is also the President-Elect of NAREA.  Decisions are primarily based on significance to the field, strength of methodology/design, and clarity of writing.  Reviews are not blind.  More>>>