Workshop Presentations

The presentations from the NAREA 2014 Workshop on Non-Conventional Oil and Gas Energy can be downloaded as PDF files below. For more information about the workshop please contact J. Wesley Burnett (chair, Workshop Programming Committee Chair),



Opening Presentation - You Say You Want a Revolution: Shale Gas and Shale Oil in the U.S. Tim Carr, Marshall Miller Professor of Petroleum Geology, West Virginia University.

Economic Development Paper Session

  1. What can we learn about shale gas development from land values?  Opportunities, challenges, and evidence from Texas and Pennsylvania, Jeremy G. Weber, Economic Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture (co-author: Claudia Hitaj).
  2. The Economic Impact of Shale Gas Development: A Natural Experiment along the New York and Pennsylvania Border, Brendan Cosgrove, Colby College (co-authors: Daniel Lafave, Sahan T. M. Dissanayake and Michael Donihue).
  3. An Empirical Investigation of Hydraulic Fracturing, Timothy Fitzgerald, Montana State University.
  4. Local and Non-Local Employment Associated with Marcellus Shale Development in Pennsylvania, Timothy Kelsey, Pennsylvania State University (co-author: Kirsten Hardy).

Revealed Preference Paper Session

  1. Underground Storage of Natural Gas: An Examination of Property Values in Indiana, Michaela Jellico, Purdue University (co-author: Michael S. Delgado).
  2. Impact and Response:   The Boomtown Effect of Shale Gas and Oil Drilling on Local Housing Markets, Michael Farren, Ohio State University
  3. A Hedonic Study of Hydraulic Fracturing and Moratoriums: A Border Discontinuity Approach, Andrew Boslett, University of Rhode Island (co-authors: Todd Guilfoos and Corey Lang).
  4. Shale Gas Development and Housing Values over a Decade: Evidence
    from the Barnett Shale
    , Irene M. Xiarchos, Economic Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture (co-authors: Jeremy G. Weber and J. Wesley Burnett).

Keynote Address - What the Experts Say About the Environmental Risks of Shale Gas Development. Alan J. Krupnick, Senior Fellow Resources for the Future, Director of the Center of Energy Economics and Policy, and President of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists.


Environmental Impact Paper Session

  1. The Housing Market Impacts of Shale Gas Development, Elisheba Spiller, Environmental Defense Fund (co-author: Christopher Timmins).
  2. Shale Oil and Gas Boom Economic Impacts and Assessment of Environmental Tradeoffs, Wallace E. Tyner, Purdue University (co-author: Farzad Taheripour).
  3. Water Quality Policy Considerations in Hydraulic Fracturing, Linda M. Fernandez, Virginia Commonwealth University (co-author: Jens Schubert).
  4. Multi-state Water Management Institutions and Unconventional Gas Development: Environmental and Economic Impacts in the Marcellus and Utica Shale Regions, Charles Abdalla, Pennsylvania State University (co-author: Lara Fowler).

Environmental Justice Paper Session

  1. Understanding Local Regulation of Hydro-Fracking: A Spatial Econometric Approach, Martin Heintzelman, Clarkson University (co-authors: Stephen Bird and Patrick Walsh).
  2. A Test of Environmental Justice in the Natural Gas Industry Among Private Leasing Terms, Ashley Vissing, Duke University (co-authors: Christopher Timmins and Emily Jorgens).
  3. Effects of Information-Based Regulation: Evidence from Hydraulic Fracturing, T. Robert Fetter, Yale University