Information for Presenters at the Annual Meeting

If you're in a paper session:
This year we're experimenting with NOT having session moderators.

The last presenter in each session will be the session chair, and that person will be responsible for keeping time.

We will provide projectors and screens but we will NOT provide computers, so the presenters in each session must coordinate before the session to ensure that you will have at least one computer to use.

Each session lasts for 90 minutes and they generally have four papers. Therefore, each person should take 22 minutes of that time, but you can divide that up between presentation and question-and-answer as you please.

If your session has only three presenters or if a presenter does not show up for his or her slot, please keep to the same presentation lengths so people can move between sessions.

If you're presenting a poster:
Your poster should be the standard 3' high x 4' wide size.

We suggest you look at AERE's suggestions about making posters here:

Please bring your poster to the ballroom in which the posters will be exhibited during the breakfast break on Monday June 12 (7:30-8:45am).

We will keep the posters there until the end of the conference.

We'll have easels and poster board available, and we'll help you put your poster up.

Please also plan to stand by your poster during the 30-minute breaks Mon June 12 10-10:30am and 3-3:30 as well as during the cash bar reception on Monday night 6:15-7:30pm. Participants will be coming to see the posters during those times.

You must remove your poster by the end of the conference (Tue 1pm).