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Outstanding Public Service through Economics Award 2015

NAREA has an annual Award for Outstanding Public Service through Economics. This award honors and recognizes economists who have applied agricultural, environmental, consumer, resource, or community development economics in a unique way that has contributed toward solving an important problem and improving the welfare of society.

Al McGartland, Director of US EPA's National Center for Environmental Economics
Ted Jaenicke and Mario Teisl presenting Stephan Goetz with the 2015 Award for Outstanding Public Service through Economics

The 2015 Award for Outstanding Public Service through Economics was awarded to Stephan Goetz, Professor of Agricultural and Regional Economics and Director of The Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development at Pennsylvania State University. Here are excerpts from the nomination letter:

Since 1999, Professor Goetz has served as the Director of the Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development at The Pennsylvania State University. Through the support of several post-conference workshops and other NAREA activities, Professor Goetz and the Center have been great friends of NAREA.

Under Professor Goetz's leadership, the Center has helped coordinate important multi-state projects
with policy-relevant research and outreach components. These efforts—which have involved numerous students, faculty, staff members and stakeholder groups—focus on key policy issues such as land use, local foods and community economic development.

As a scholar, Professor Goetz has published or presented over 200 professional papers. In the area of
rural development, he is one of the most-cited authors with well over 3,000 citations (Google Scholar) as of early 2015. Goetz's research—which spans topics such as human and social capital, poverty, clusters, entrepreneurship , and even the impacts of Walmarts on their surrounding communities—addresses important policy issues. His research and related outreach activities have helped communities, economic development organizations and policymakers throughout the region and beyond.

Over the years, Professor Goetz has provided valuable service to numerous professional associations and organizations. In addition, he has held leadership roles in the Center for Rural Pennsylvania, the Rural and Urban Community Vitality priority areas, and the Social Sciences Sub-Committee of the Experiment Station Committee on Organization and Policy.

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