About us...

The Northeastern Agricultural and Resource Economics Association (NAREA) is a thriving community of scholars dedicated to promoting the public good through applied economic research. Our scholarship is diverse in scope and global in focus. Our primary areas of focus include economic and policy analysis related to food, natural resources, the environment, energy, development, rural, regional and urban issues.

NAREA engages scholars through the sponsorship of annual meetings and the publication of a peer reviewed journal, Agricultural and Resource Economics Review. Annual meetings typically occur in June of each year. While these meetings are generally held in the northeastern United States or the Maritime Provinces of Canada, attendees come from throughout North America and from around the globe. These meetings provide a venue for the presentation of new research as well as opportunities for mentoring of early career scholars. More about our annual meetings can be found here.

NAREA was organized in 1955 as the New England Agricultural Economics Council, and renamed the Northeastern Agricultural Economics Council in 1970, with a corresponding expanded membership footprint. The association received its current name in 1984, when NAREA was organized and administered by a group of land grant universities or equivalent from the northeastern states and the Canadian Maritime Provinces. Today, our membership and leadership are drawn from diverse institutions (private and public universities, government agencies and private industry) from an ever broadening geographic footprint. The original founding departments include:

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