Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The NAREA Diversity and Inclusion Committee was officially created by a change to the NAREA bylaws in summer 2019, after an ad hoc committee convened for a year.


Current members (terms):

Chair: Sarah Jacobson (Williams College), 2019-22

Subramanian (Subbu) Kumarappan (Ohio State University), 2021-22

Yusuke Kuwayama (University of Maryland Baltimore County), 2020-23

Linh Pham (University of Central Oklahoma), 2021-24



Jeff O’Hara (USDA), 2019-20

Leah Palm-Forster (University of Delaware), 2019-21

Neha Khanna (Binghampton University), 2019-21


Ad Hoc Committee members 2018-19:

Chair: Sarah Jacobson (Williams College)

Jill Caviglia-Harris (Salisbury University)

Jeff O’Hara (USDA)

Leah Palm-Forster (University of Delaware)


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