Diversity and Inclusion


NAREA is committed to taking a wide variety of actions to ensure that diverse voices are heard in an environment that is inclusive and equitable. That commitment is voiced in the Statement of NAREA's Commitment to Inclusion, adopted by the membership in summer 2019. The NAREA Diversity and Inclusion Committee coordinates our work on these issues. The Chair of that Committee is elected by the NAREA membership every three years and is a voting member of NAREA’s Board of Directors.

We're excited that one of the 2022 NAREA Workshops will be on a theme related to issues of justice and equity: "Issues of Land Succession, Social Equity, and Environmental Justice Affecting Agriculture". The workshop promises to share cutting edge work on important topics, and will include a keynote address by Thomas Mitchell, 2020 McArthur Fellow and Professor of Law at Texas A&M.

Events Code of Conduct:

Since 2020, all attendees at NAREA events, notably our annual conference, workshop, or Board meetings, must abide by this code.


NAREA communications on diversity, equity, and inclusion:


Below we list some of our key initiatives.  Additional initiatives are under development, and we enthusiastically welcome your input.  Please contact the Diversity and Inclusion Committee Chair with any feedback.


Rising Star Keynote:

Starting in 2021, the annual NAREA conference will feature a Rising Star keynote address that showcases the work of a promising young scholar with a research agenda that overlaps substantially with the interests of the NAREA membership.

We invite nominations, including self-nominations, for the Rising Star keynote; they are due by August 31 each year for the keynote at the following year's conference, and can be submitted to the Chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee. Nominations need only include the name and website of the scholar, as well as a couple of sentences about why this person is a good fit. Please see this document for details about eligibility.

2021 Special Issue of ARER on Social Justice in Agricultural and Environmental Economics:

Guest editors Angelino Viceisza (Spelman College and NBER) and Miesha Williams (Morehouse College).  Forthcoming in December 2021.


Scholars’ Circle program:

This program was piloted in 2020-21 to allow NAREA members to support and mentor each other through the year in groups organized around common interests.


Professional development and listening sessions:

At NAREA conferences, we regularly organize sessions on professional development topics, on our own or in coordination with CAM. We also hold period listening sessions, some of them at conferences and some separate, so that we can learn from members about their experiences and perspectives on issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and about how NAREA can do better.
Our next listening session is Thu Oct 21 2-3pm Eastern. Sign up here.


The NAREA Award for the Promotion of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We invite nominations, including self-nominations, for the new NAREA Award for the Promotion of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, which we hope to award for the first time at the 2022 annual meeting. This award "recognizes a member of the NAREA community who has consistently gone above and beyond to promote diversity, equity and inclusion within our professional community." Please see here for more details. Nominations due to the Chair of the Awards Committee by March 1, 2022.

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